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Award-Winning Pastor Debuts Program on BET

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Andre Butler Smyrna, GA - Since 1991, the adult population in the United States has grown by 15%. During that same period the number of adults who do not attend church has nearly doubled, rising from 39 million to 75 million - a 92% increase!

These startling statistics come from a recent tracking study of religious behavior conducted by The Barna Group, a company that follows trends related to faith, culture and leadership in America.

The study also states that the rapidly swelling numbers of unchurched people may be forcing existing churches to reinvent their core spiritual practices while holding tightly to their core spiritual beliefs. It will take radically new settings and experiences to effectively introduce unchurched individuals to biblical principles and practices.

This is exactly why Andre Butler, Pastor at Faith Christian Center in Smyrna, Georgia and CEO of Andre Butler Ministries is employing new methods and upgrading traditional tactics to reach those who typically don't go to church.

If they don't hear the message at a local church, he just goes where they are - if they're watching BET then that's where his program will air. If they are in various neighborhoods scattered through out the metro Atlanta area, he's there too. If they are on university campuses, Butler has a "gathering" there too. And, of course, he has a Facebook and Myspace account. See

"We are trying different ways to break through with our Christian message to reach the unchurched, especially young adults. If their space is Myspace, then we want to be there with a relevant message. If their primary communication tool is Facebook or mobile messaging, we are delivering messages there too. It's important to reach people where they are," said Pastor Butler, 31, who received "Up and Coming Broadcaster of the Year" from Streaming, "One to Watch" from African America Pulpit and "Most Loved Pastor" by Gospel Today magazine.

This Friday, August 8, Andre Butler Ministries will debut its weekly half-hour program, "Your Future Now," on BET networks across the country at 6:30 a.m. EST. The programs will also be archived at www.AndreButler.TV, and for viewing also.

In another bold move in response to gas approaching almost $5 per gallon, Pastor Andre Butler has started having Sunday services in various theatres throughout metro Atlanta. "Churches are aware of the sacrifices members make just to travel to church - especially if they are more than 30 minutes from their place of worship. So we wanted to bring the church closer to them with our satellite campuses," said Butler.

Ultimately, the church will have 12 such campuses throughout the Metro Atlanta from Buckhead to East Point.

"We are sensitive to the needs of our members and we also want to reach out to others who just want to travel to a facility close to home," said Pastor Butler.

Faith Christian Center is already doing things that are different by hosting "faith groups" in the homes of hundreds of its members. These small groups were created so that members of large congregations can get together in a more intimate setting and study the Bible together with lessons distributed by the church.

"We've had faith groups for several years and now by having satellite Sunday services, we're able to give people more of what they need in their own backyard. Those in the X and Y generations will especially like the satellite campuses because it's cutting edge and different," said Pastor Butler.

"Members will still connect with the main church facility getting the same sermons, interact with ministerial staff on Sunday and receive the same Faith Christian Center experience as if they were at the main campus."

The first satellite campus is located at Magic Johnson Theatre at the Greenbriar Mall at 2841 Greenbriar Parkway SW, Atlanta, GA, 30331. Service is held each Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and typically runs about two hours. "We're excited about this opportunity to bring the church in a new way to people," concluded Pastor Butler.

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About Andre Butler

Pastor Andre Butler is the Senior Pastor of Faith Christian Center located in Smyrna, Georgia, and Co-Pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center located in Southfield, Michigan. Faith Christian Center was founded on August 9, 1993 and is a congregation of nearly 5,000 members. The church is located a few miles north of Atlanta, Georgia. With the support of his wife, Minister Tiffany, he ministers in churches and conferences throughout the U.S. and abroad. Pastor Butler's emphasis is on God's desire to prosper His people in every arena of life as they do their part to win the world to Jesus. Pastor Butler is also the author of several books. His recent releases include, Seedtime & HARVEST and Living Life to the Full.

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