Black Heritage: Black History

These Black History quizzes test your knowledge of past people, places, and events.

1. This Black inventor has a nuclear-powered submarine named after him:

Benjamin Banneker
Dr. Charles Drew
George Washington Carver
Augustus Jackson

2. This suave singer/songwriter convinced Berry Gordy to make his own records:

Smokey Robinson
Quincy Jones
Stevie Wonder
Nick Ashford

3. Who was the first Black person to hold a seat on the Supreme Court?

Charlotte Ray
Thurgood Marshall
Clarence Thomas
James Weldon Johnson

4. Who did Harriet Tubman leave behind when she escaped from slavery?

Her son
Her aunt
Her daughter
Her husband

5. She wrote the novel "Beloved", which was later depicted in a 1998 movie starring Oprah Winfrey.

Toni Morrison
Jayne Kennedy
Alice Walker
Maya Angelou

6. Colin Powell, the former Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State was born in this city:

San Francisco

7. This astronaut died in the 1986 space shuttle Challenger explosion:

Guy Buford
Robert McNair
Terry Glenn
Neil Armstrong

8. In the 1950's, Chubby Checker started a famous dance phenomenon called:

"Do Wopsie"
"The Twist"
"The Cabbage Patch"
"Running Man"

9. Both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X were shot and killed at the same age. Both were _____ when they died.


10. In what year did John Johnson begin publishing "Ebony" magazine?


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