Black Heritage: From the 60s to the Millennium

Test your knowledge of Black historical events, people, places, and moments.

1. In the 1960's, this activist encouraged African-Americans to stop using "colored" or "negro", but instead use "black":

Stokely Carmichael
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jesse Jackson
Huey P. Newton

2. What was Muhammad Ali's birth name?

Steven Davis
Cassius Clay
Howard Longbow
Manuel McBean

3. This 1986 female R&B/rap group gained popularity and eventually became hip-hop pioneers after the release of their hit song, "Push It"

Salt n Pepa
J.J. Fad

4. Which hairstyle dates back to ancient Africa and remains popular to this day?

Corn rows

5. Who was the first Black female poet to have her work published in the U.S.?

Maya Angelou
Phillis Wheatley
Linda Brown
Mae Jamison

6. When and where did Martin Luther King, Jr. deliver his famous "I Have A Dream" speech?

1955, Birmingham, Alabama
1963, Washington, D.C.
1968, Atlanta, Georgia
1970, St. Louis, Missouri

7. In the '90s, this actress/singer demanded and received a higher salary for her role in the tv series "Touched By An Angel".

Della Reese
Nell Carter
Patti LaBelle
Regina King

8. The first Black-owned radio station was based in this city:

Chicago, IL
Detroit, MI
Kansas City, MO
Atlanta, GA

9. In 2003, Al Sharpton was the guest host on this popular late night television show:

"ABC's Nightline"
"Saturday Night Live"
"Anderson Cooper 360"
"Dateline NBC"

10. What African-American made millions selling cookies?

Ben Keebler
Howard Tent (Little Debbie)
Wally "Famous" Amos
John Jackson (Oreo)

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