Black Heritage: More People, Places, and Events

Another dose of people, places, and events throughout Black history.

1. These brothers produced, directed, and starred in their own comedy series in 1990:

The Wayans Brothers
The Neville Brothers
The Williams Brothers
The Adams Brothers

2. In what city is the Crispus Attucks monument located?

Kalamazoo, MI
Pittsburgh, PA
Topeka, KS
Boston, MA

3. This style of jump-rope became popular in the early 80s and uses two ropes, turning at the same time:

"The Lindy Hop"
"Double Dutch"
"Four Square"
"Super Jump"

4. Malcolm X joined the Nation of Islam in 1946 while in prison. He was serving time for:

Tax evasion

5. President Eisenhower sent National Guard troops to Little Rock, AK to integrate what high school?

Central High
Little Rock High
McEachern High
Oak Hill High

6. He is the author who wrote the novel "The Invisible Man"

Ralph Ellison
Claude McKay
Paul Dunbar
Langston Hughes

7. This author/political commentator helped facilitate "The Covenant With Black America", a collaboration of influential African-Americans:

Danny Glover
Joseph C. Phillips
Tavis Smiley
Robert Johnson

8. This multi-talented actor/singer/dancer was a part of the "Rat Pack":

Sherman Hemsley
Billy Dee Williams
Billy Preston
Sammy Davis, Jr.

9. She played the strong-willed mother "Florida Evans" on the hit comedy series Good Times:

Lawanda Page
Janet DuBois
Esther Rolle
Isabel Sanford

10. She was the first Black woman to appear on Vogue magazine:

Halle Berry
Beverly Johnson
Grace Jones

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