Black Characters and Their Roles

Are you a movie buff? Check out these quizzes to take a shot at past and present movie trivia.

1. Sidney Poiter plays a school teacher who transforms white inner-city London youth in this 1967 film:

To Sir, With Love
Lilies of the Field
A Raisin in the Sun
The Lost Man

2. Two Can Play That Game, features this actress who plays an arrogant career woman with the tables turned on her:

Janet Jackson
Vanessa Bell Calloway
Vivica A. Fox
Nona Gaye

3. This world-famous actress played a school teacher alongside ex-con Richard Pryor in this 1981 movie about a group of special kids:

Bridges of Madison County
The Comedians
Bustin' Loose
Mending Fences

4. Will Smith plays a suspicious cop in the year 2035, investigating a crime he suspects is perpetrated by a robot:

Men In Black (Alien Attack)
I, Robot
Independence Day

5. The movie Shaft was based on the life of Bumpy Jones, who was:

A Georgia policeman
A Los Angeles detective
A Las Vegas high-stakes gambler
A Harlem racketeer

6. Samuel L. Jackson plays Jules Winfield in this 1994 crime-drama featuring mob hit men, a gangster's wife, and a boxer:

The Great White Hype
Pulp Fiction
Friday Night Lights
The Punisher

7. In the true-life story of Hotel Rwanda, he plays Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who housed over a thousand Tutsi refugees:

Don Cheadle
Danny Glover
Terrence Howard
Howard Rollins

8. Actor Billie Thomas is best known for his portrayal of this memorable child character:

"Amos" (Amos and Andy)
"Cockroach" (The Cosby Show)
"Buckwheat" (The Little Rascals)
"Steve Urkel" (Family Matters)

9. Jamie Foxx won an Academy Award for his spectacular performance in this movie:

A Soldier's Story
Mission Impossible

10. In which of the following movies did actress Nia Long not appear:

Big Momma's House
Soul Food
Monster's Ball

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