Characters and Famous Occurrences

Remember those one-liners? Those colorful wardrobes? Check out these questions that focus on the familiar details of Black television shows and characters.

1. This memorable character often used remarks like "fish-eyed fool" and "heathen" to describe her nemises:

"Estelle Winslow", on Family Matters
"Nikki Parker", on The Parkers
"Esther", on Sanford & Son
"Helen", on The Jeffersons

2. "Dr. Cliff Huxtable" of The Cosby Show, often wore these labeled clothing items:

Sweaters with college names
Slacks with a specific designer name
Caps with NBA team names
Jackets with Premier League names

3. During the 2001-2005 run of ABC's My Wife and Kids, family members and others occasionally did this to Michael "Junior" Kyle:

Gave advice on how to stand up to a school bully
Smacked him in the back of the head
Purchased his favorite Sean John attire
Interrupted phone calls with his girlfriends

4. When troubling times or stressful situations called for them, character "Fred Sanford" conveniently had these:

Bouts with deafness
Heart attacks

5. "Nicole Barnes" played by Tichina Arnold, makes recurring appearances on One on One as:

Breanna's mother
Flex's sister
Flex's mother
Breanna's cousin

6. Which excitable character often yelled "Dyno-Mite!"

"Frank Mitchell", on Moesha
"Roc Emerson", on Roc
"J.J. Evans", on Good Times
"Marion Hill", on In The House

7. "Go home, Roger!" was a common catchphrase used in this 1990's sitcom:

Sister, Sister
Goode Behavior
The Steve Harvey Show
Living Single

8. What's Happening! waitress "Shirley" often did this when "Re-run" complained about his meal:

Tossed it in his face
Hid behind the bar
Tasted it herself
Threw it away

9. This show featured an English neighbor who often popped over unexpectedly:

Jamie Foxx Show
In Living Color
Amos 'n' Andy
The Jeffersons

10. This comedic character on FOX often broke the "fourth wall" by looking directly into the camera and speaking to "America":

"John (Pops) Williams", of The Wayans Bros.
"Bernie Mac", of The Bernie Mac Show
"Lamont Sanford", of Sanford & Son
"Martin", of Martin

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