Black Actors and Actresses of the 1980s

Several Black actors and actresses gained national recognition when they starred in a variety of dramas and sitcoms during the 80s. Do you know them?

1. Actress Holly Robinson-Peete played "Judy Hoffs" in this late 80s/early 90s television drama about agroup of undercover police officers.

"Golden Girls"
"Charlie's Angels"
"21 Jump Street"
"Baby Jane"

2. This Black actress played a housekeeper and surrogate mother to her best friends' police chief husband and his three daughters in “Gimme A Break”

Diahann Carroll
Nell Carter
Vanessa Bell Calloway
Debbi Morgan

3. Starring in "A-Team", his trademark mohawk hairstyle and numerous gold neck-chains made him a household name:

Mr. T
Avery Brooks
Michael Clarke Duncan
Morgan Freeman

4. Jester Hairston played "Rolly Forbes" in this comedy series about the deacon of a church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"Touched By An Angel"
"Father Murphy"
"Highway to Heaven"

5. The iconic comedy series "A Different World" allowed Kadeem Hardison to make flip-up sunglasses and this character, famous:

Theo Huxtable
Vernon Gaines
Dwayne Wayne
Frank Parrish

6. Roger E. Mosley starred alongside Tom Selleck in this 80s hit about a self-employed private investigator who also worked for a wealthy author:

"War of the Worlds"
"Magnum P.I."
"Murder She Wrote"

7. Before his roles in “Sex in the City” and "Dirty Sexy Money", this 80s heart-throb gained national recognition in this law drama:

Blair Underwood - "LA Law"
Malik Yoba - "New York Undercover"
Don Cheadle - "Hill Street Blues"
Carl Weathers - ""Tour of Duty"

8. She's played Adele Webber in "Grey's Anatomy", but starred as "Stevie" in "A Different World" during the late 80s:

Debbie Allen
Anna Maria Horsford
Robin Givens
Loretta Devine

9. This high-flying actor starred in “Fame”, a series about the faculty and the students at the New York City High School for the Performing Arts.

Ted Lange
Gene Anthony Ray
Tim Reid
Idris Elba

10. This actor's real name and television name, “Webster” - often became interchangeable after he starred as an orphan to a retired football player:

Gary Coleman
Morris Chestnut
Emmanuel Lewis
Alfonso Ribeiro

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