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Hey… you know your sports, right? But maybe you're a single sport fanatic. Try your luck at our general sports quizzes and test your knowledge.

1. This slugger, who starred during the Negro Leagues' heyday, was considered one of the greatest hitters in history.

Satchel Paige
Josh Gibson
Henry Aaron
Barry Bonds

2. This controversial baller led the NBA in rebounds from 1991 to 1997

Charles Barkley
Hakeem Olajuwon
Reggie Miller
Dennis Rodman

3. Doug Williams became the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. He did it with this team:

Atlanta Falcons
Denver Broncos
Washington Redskins
Dallas Cowboys

4. This woman holds the olympic record in the 100-meter event:

Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Florence Griffith-Joyner
Merlene Ottey
Kim Batten

5. This NBA superstars' nickname is, "The Answer"

Allen Iverson
Kobe Bryant
Tim Duncan
Rasheed Wallace

6. In which sport does the talented, Mike Cameron, play for a Seattle team?

Ice Hockey

7. Which of these men did NOT win a Heisman trophy?

Willis McGahee and Robert Edwards
Rashaan Salaam and Eddie George
Barry Sanders and Andre Ware
Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson

8. How many total players are there on a football field during a game?


9. Which boxing heavyweight held the championship belt from 1970 to 1973?

Sugar Ray Leonard
Sonny Liston
Joe Frazier
Larry Holmes

10. This superstar athlete, born in Cypress, California, won three consecutive U.S. Amateur golf titles.

Kevin Garnett
Dusty Baker
Tiger Woods
Emmett Smith

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