General - All Around Sports Quiz - 2

You're a ballin', shot callin', grid-iron lovin', tennis playin', fastball hitting, superstar. So, why not take a sports quiz to verify it all?

1. This baseball team won its National League division 14 years in a row:

New York Yankees
Atlanta Braves
Seattle Mariners
Arizona Diamondbacks

2. The following are not in the basketball Hall Of Fame

David Robinson and Michael Jordon
Alex English and George Gervin
Julius Erving and Willis Reed
Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell

3. In what sport would you hear the term, "bloop single"?


4. He won both the 200M and 400M dash in the 1996 Olympics:

Maurice Greene
Michael Johnson
Alvin Harrison
Carl Lewis

5. What black female tennis star received professional coaching at Harlem's Cosmopolitian Tennis Club?

Venus Williams
Zina Garrison
Althea Gibson
Lulu Ballard

6. This future NFL Hall Of Famer holds the NFL record for total receiving yards:

Art Monk
Sterling Sharpe
Jerry Rice
Herman Moore

7. This barnstorming group of basketball showmen started in Chicago's Savoy Ballroom during the 1930's:

Harlem Globetrotters
Boston Celtics
Los Angeles Clippers
Detroit Pistons

8. Which of these sports stars does not have a contract with Nike?

Michael Jordon
Tiger Woods
Allen Iverson
All of the above

9. How many team players are on a baseball field during an inning?


10. This Dallas Cowboy led the NFL in rushing from 1991 - 1993:

Barry Sanders
Ricky Williams
Craig Heyward
Emmett Smith

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